Author: John L. Brown
: Win More Bass Tournaments:
Techniques And Tactics To Win More Bass Tournaments

Win More Bass Tournaments
I wrote this book in hopes of helping the tournament fisherman that loves to fish competition bass tournaments. The thrill of fishing bass tournaments is in a class by it's self with the excitement of maybe taking home the big prize. I started fishing many years ago and was so into fishing and the only other thing that was a close second was deer hunting. I like both a lot, but fishing is number one with me. I started fishing tournaments and never wanted to fish after the first tournament unless I was in a tournament because there was no competition in just going fishing for fun. The fun of being in a group of fishermen was so exciting to me as a young man. I learned so much by talking to older tournament fishermen that I took with me to learn all I could to be a winner. Remember the next line you cast could be the winning fish. Some tournaments are won by a couple of keepers depending on the time of year...

Win More Bass Tournaments, will help you catch more fish, by using some of the tactics, and techniques, throughout this book, what to use, what color, spring fishing, summer fishing, fall fishing, winter water fishing, lure selection, and how to fish a tournament with the right mind set. I'm in my sixties now and I don't fish as much as I used to, but I've been there and done that, so I know a little bit about the topic. I promise you, if you use some of these tactics and techniques, you'll boat much bigger fish, and much bigger fish, will win tournaments, and we all want to win. I didn't fish a tournament to loose, but to win. Read the book and apply some of these tactics and techniques, and you'll see a difference. Keep your line wet... Get This Book On Amazon Now!

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Author: I never thought that I could be a writer let alone be able to publish my own work. It was December of 2013 when I started to think about writing and lost a lot of sleep thinking about it. Before I hit the keys on my computer, I went through some rough nights trying to sleep thinking so hard on the subject of writing. So many stories were in my mind all at the same time. I kept saying to myself, you cant do this. I knew nothing about proper grammar, or where to use commas, I just did not know anything about writing. I couldn't spell the best, but I knew there was spell check and Google for that. I searched the web for hours and hours reading so much on the subject. I realized that I did not have to know everything there was to know about grammar because I can have someone else do this for me for a fee. After finding out some of the things that troubled me made me feel more confident I could write, so in March of 2014 I started pushing out story after story. I would write a story in one hour, eat something and push out another one. I wrote 21 books in that year 2014. I published them all and now I have many more waiting to be published. I don't think of myself as a professional writer, but a published writer. I may not be a great writer, nor am I a bad writer, not the best and not the worse. Just a writer of truth and from the heart...

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